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Professional Safety Certification – About Us

It’s important to partner with a company that specializes in professional safety certification education. This is our focus and we provide you with the very best exam prep and training services you’ll find in the industry. Our experience in the workplace safety industry allows us to provide you with the training, coaching and consulting services you require. Whether it be safety exam preparation, customized workplace safety training or other safety coaching and consultation services, Performance Based Safety, LLC can help. Please read on to get acquainted with our history and see why companies in a variety of verticals trust Performance Based Safety, LLC with their workplace safety matters.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience in Safety Training & Coaching

Performance Based Safety, LLC (PBS) is a network of certified environmental safety and health professionals dedicated to helping companies improve business performance while protecting the lives and livelihoods of employees and contract workers. With over 100 years of combined experience, PBS LLC’s professional safety training and coaching consultants have been providing hundreds of organizations with workplace safety consulting services that have reduced workplace injuries and fatalities through customized world class occupational-environmental safety and health training, coaching, and consultation and education services.

Our Consultants Continuously Update their Competencies

Environmental health and safety (EHS)professionals spend a lot of energy improving their technical competency. Yes, they are becoming smarter, but they still can lose the battle to demonstrate that they add value to their businesses. There are other dimensions to competency that are key determents of success. EHS professionals need acute situational awareness to know where they stand. Knowing the core competencies and core products of the business will enhance the EHS professionals’ ability to tailor EHS programs that will fulfill the EHS professionals’ roles and functions while delivering value to the business.

You Can Access All of these Safety & Training Consultative Services

Performance Based Safety, LLC delivers all of these safety training and consultative services:

  • Sustained reductions in injuries and associated cost savings
  • Increased employee productivity and reduced overtime
  • Reduced regulatory costs, liability and risk (i.e., helping minimize and control occupational health and safety losses)
  • Improved public image that supports branding and marketing efforts

Occupational health and safety consultants at Performance Based Safety, LLC’s have specialized expertise in these key areas:

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Management Consulting
  • Safety Training and Education Programs
  • Professional Certification Exam Preparation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Supervisor and Management Development
  • Safety and Health Management Systems
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • OSHA Abatement Strategies
  • Workers Compensation Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Human Performance Technologies

Consultants average over 100 combined years of hands-on experience in safety, operations, manufacturing, and human resource management. Our occupational health and safety training consultants tailor programs that address specific needs such as:

  • Safety implementation as an integral strategic business issue
  • Organizational and executive leadership processes
  • Total operations involvement in safety management systems
  • Integrated behavioral observation and feedback models
  • Strategic management of contractor safety

Our History and Our Approach to Safety Training Programs

The concept of a Safety Professional Network based in the Ozarks was first originated in 1995 while working with the legendary Les Reynolds, founder of the Safety Council of the Ozarks, as we explored the potential of providing quality safety training programs across the greater Ozarks region. Spanning the southern half of Missouri and northern half of Arkansas, the diversity of people and industries in the greater Ozarks region presents unique challenges to safety and health professionals.

Our network has grown over the years to better serve our customers’ safety needs beyond those companies we continue to serve in the immediate area. The network of professional consultants of Performance Based Safety, LLC has expanded from a few individuals with ideas for serving the greater Ozarks region to providing world class professional Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) services at competitive rates worldwide.

I invite you to contact us and see what our certified professional safety consultants, coaches, and trainers can do to assist with your organization’s environmental safety and health initiatives.

Daniel Snyder

Take Care,
Daniel J. Snyder, M.Ed, CSP, CET, CHMM, OHST, CHST, STS
Founder and Owner
Performance Based Safety, LLC

Daniel J. Snyder – Bio

Mr. Snyder is a former Army Military Intelligence operative and holds a B.A. in Science and Biology and a M.Ed. in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. Mr. Snyder is a Past-President of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Past-Program Director for the National Safety Council’s (NSC) Ozark chapter and Past-President of the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP). With 20 years of global consulting experience and owner of Performance Based Safety, LLC, Dan partners clients with experts to develop strategies for improving the performance of safety and health management systems through gap analysis, coaching management, developing supervisors and facilitating a positive safety culture. As a professional speaker and author, he delivers customized high impact messages optimized for the targeted audience and organizational initiatives. He appreciates the opportunity to serve as a mentor and coach for professionals seeking career advancement. Leading a team as part of the National Response Framework implementing disaster site worker all hazards training for government and private industry, Dan is an accomplished Safety Liaison during disaster response and recovery operations. He serves on several ASSE/ANSI technical standard development committees and in leadership roles with professional membership associations. As owner of SPAN International Training, LLC, he demonstrates expertise in the technical subject matter of certification exam blueprints and is a recognized psychometrician, curriculum designer, researcher and facilitator of applied adult learning principles. Mr. Snyder is dedicated to advancing environmental, safety and health professional development by offering world class certification exam preparation products that enable professionals to meet the challenge of illustrating competency through education, experience, and examination. E-mail