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EHS Audits

The standard definition of an EHS audit is “a systematic, documented process of objectively collecting and evaluating factual information in order to verify a site organization’s environmental, health or safety status with respect to specific, predetermined criteria.”

EHS audits benefit an organization by providing an independent review and evaluation. Audits can provide:

  • Identification of areas of potential risk
  • Assurance that systems are in place to safeguard the company and the public
  • Assurance that regulations are being met
  • Verification that reports are accurate
  • Verification that requirements are met for facility certification
  • Constructive ideas for improvement

The process of EHS auditing is similar to financial auditing, consisting of three primary phases: preliminary planning, on-site observation, and post audit report preparation. Audits can be performed by a variety of EHS professionals, as long as they are independent of the process being audited. Currently, there is no regulatory requirement that EHS audits be performed by certified auditors, however, CSP, CHMM, CIH are designations indicating professional competency.

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