March 2014 – Onsite – 2 Safety Consultants

Posted on April 4, 2014 · Posted in Articles

Safety Consultants: Knowing How to Use MSDS Sheets

Material safety data sheets are provided by a product’s manufacturer and include a wide variety of information, including a complete list of ingredients or components, precautions and cleanup instructions. There is also information pertaining to what happens if the product is mixed with other chemicals. This can be of extreme importance, especially if the mixture creates a dangerous environment.

We are here to help your company take the guesswork out of understanding and using MSDS sheets. We can provide you with a certified environmental safety and health trainer that can act as a safety key note speaker for training sessions and meetings. Our trainers are qualified to educate business owners and their employees on how to remain safe in the workplace.

A few things our coordinator will cover in a safety coaching session include:

  • Where MSDS sheets must be placed so they can be easily retrieved and used in case of an emergency
  • How to read an MSDS sheet and quickly and efficiently find the information that is needed
  • Instruction on how to read labels and understand what abbreviations and numbers mean
  • Safety measures that must be taken if a toxic or hazardous spill is encountered
  • First aid procedures if an accident occurs that involves various types of injuries

OSHA requires MSDS sheets to be accessible to every employee and that each of those employees knows how to read and use them efficiently. This is where our job begins.

Our trainers are taught how to explain in detail every procedure that is needed to protect your workers from spills and accidents. They can answer any questions that may arise during a training session and will also provide guidance on where to turn for further information on storage and handling of materials once they are ready for disposal.

Working with MSDS sheets is meant to be a precautionary, safety measure. They are researched and designed to provide the maximum amount of information about a product that is feasibly possible. It can be difficult for an employee to go through all of the collected data to find the exact information they need. It is the goal of our trainers to make sure each employee knows where to look within the sheets to find the data the need when they need it.

Properly trained employees reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while on the job. When they have the information they need at their fingertips, they become more efficient and better capable of performing their duties.