Safety Consultants Are Crucial For Workplace Safety

Posted on February 5, 2014 · Posted in Articles

Accidents happen. Taking steps to prevent or decrease their occurrence is vital to employee safety and a company’s financial health. Companies often hire certified safety consultants to make sure their environment and employees are safe. With our various training solutions, we ensure safety consultants are knowledgeable about the safety industry. We prepare safety consultants for certification so that they can go about their business of developing and carrying out safety programs.

Assessing Risk

The safety consultant’s core job is to assess and prevent risk. This means that she must collect information about the safety of a company’s workforce. She must assess the organization’s environment and find practices that might be dangerous. She also must observe employees as they work, including observing how management employees interact with their staff members. She must study the company’s overall culture and its business climate. She also needs to review the organization’s financial conditions, as well as management’s commitment to ensuring that resources are readily available.

Prevent Harm

Safety consultants help companies prevent harm in the workplace. To do this, they identify and control hazards. This involves reviewing the design of the workplace and the company’s equipment. They make sure employees use equipment appropriately and that they take precautions to prevent injuries. Safety consultants devise and implement safety rules and work to make sure that employees understand and follow these procedures. They also make sure that there are safety plans in place to respond to accidents.

Collect and Validate Risk Information

Safety consultants create and use data management systems to collect and validate risk information. They use sources such as field inspections, employee surveys and accident reports to gather information about how employees perform work activities. They also track employee responses to accidents. They track events that the organization brought under control, as well as those the organization left unresolved. They track safety measures that were successful and those that need improvements.

Industry Regulations and Best Practices

Strong industry knowledge is crucial for success as a safety consultant. Companies often must abide by government and industry laws and regulations to avoid fines and sanctions. Safety consultants, therefore, must make sure their company remains aware of these rules. This might involve maintaining internal reports and submitting reports to regulators. Safety consultants remain in tune with industry best practices and work with human resource managers to make sure employees get adequate training to perform their assigned tasks. They also make sure employees know how to recognize hazards in their environments so that they can do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Certified Safety Consultants

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals administers safety certifications. Certificate holders have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure workplaces are safe. They’ve earned the respect and credibility of their peers, and are sought after for job opportunities. They also often earn higher salaries. Companies that hire certified safety consultants have confidence that the employee can efficiently perform his job. Continued certification is a demonstration of your commitment to the safety industry and self-improvement.