The Responsibilities of a Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer

Posted on February 5, 2014 ยท Posted in Articles

A certified environmental safety and health trainer has several responsibilities. As a certified member of the Safety Consultants team, our trainers are equipped to handle any training situation. They can act as a safety key note speaker or they can work one on one with a trainee out in the field. To be certified as an environmental safety and health trainer, the people we employ must be able to pass not only our training tests, but those suggested by environmental and safety agencies.

A safety and health trainer must be able to adequately instruct those who are assigned to them in various procedures that are designed to create a safe and work-friendly atmosphere. It is their responsibility to offer the trainees they work with examples of safe and health conscious behavior that is expected while they are on the job.
In terms of safety, a trainer must be able to instruct trainees on how to read and use the information found on MSDS sheets. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. Each chemical or product in the work environment is required by law to have an MSDS sheet on file where all employees have access to it. The MSDS provides details as to how to clean up spills, how to properly dispose of the product and what precautions must be taken when it is being used. A certified trainer is proficient in all types of clean up protocols as well as disposal methods.

In terms of health, the trainer must be able to communicate effective ways an employee can protect themselves while in the work place. They should be able to provide insight as to the benefits of wearing safety glasses, steel toed shoes and other protective gear that is required for many types of manufacturing jobs. An effective trainer knows how to use eye wash stations and first aid kits that are placed throughout a facility. They must be able to adequately instruct employees in how to use every item at their disposal to protect themselves from injury. If an injury does occur, employees must know how to care for the victim until the proper medical personnel arrive to take control of the situation.
The training and certification process is offered by many universities and colleges as well as OSHA. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration is in charge of making sure every work environment is as safe as possible. A certified environmental safety and health trainer’s main role is the instruction and training of every employee within a facility when it comes to safety procedures and health matters.